About Bocce Ball Wine

Sometimes our winemaking pals have barrels of wine that need a home. That’s where Bocce Ball comes in. Sprouting from humble beginnings as rogue barrels shared with friends, Bocce Ball wine has since evolved into a fun, fully-fledged wine brand. Each barrel of wine is sourced from the highest quality winemakers and vineyards in California.

Bocce Ball combines all the essence of a locally crafted wine with the joy inherent in sharing a bottle with friends. Its playful nature provides each wine lover with rich, palatable flavors that will linger long after their last sip. This wine is perfect for those who want to experience all the beauty that a California wine offers.

Bocce Ball’s sport lends itself to sharing stories, wine, and friendship; That’s why we chose the name. Bocce Ball wine pays homage to the loveable, age-old yard game. It’s competitive and fun while remaining cordial, making it a genuinely delightful game. Plus, it is one of the few sports where you can enjoy a glass of wine while you play. And who doesn’t love that?